Assessments offered online or in person.  The assessment time ranges based on area of need.  Speech - 30 minutes, Language - 2 hours, AAC - 3+ hours. 

Individual & Group

Individual & group sessions offered.  Group sessions are cheaper than individual.  Individuals are grouped based on their area of need. Therapy too expensive? Share a session with a friend to reduce the cost.


Trainings & workshops offered to parents, teachers and school districts.  Topics of previous trainings include: Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC), Speech/Quick Articulation, ABA/Verbal Behavior


Sessions offered to children and adults! By the age of 8 children should be able to say all their sounds.  Have trouble saying /r/? Do you say wabbit/rabbit? Do you understand your child? Do people say "What did you say?" I can help! PROMPT 


Therapy offered to increase Receptive & Expressive Language. Is your child talking? Expected talking milestones: 12 months - 10 words, 18 months - 20 words, 2 years - 50 words & 2 word combinations, 3 years - 300 words & 4 word combinations, 4 years - uses correct verb tensing, 5 years - produces well formed sentences. ASHA


AAC - Alternataive Augmentative Communication.  If a child can't talk verbally, there are many speech generated communication devices that are available.  Insurance companies do cover these device.  An AAC assessment needs to be completed to determine the best feature match.  AAC