What Clients Have to Say...

Parent of a Child with Nonverbal Autism

Kellie has been a gift in our lives.  Her work with my 8-year old has opened the doors of communication for him.  With the help of her expertise in AAC matched with her true desire to give everyone the chance at meaningful communication, she has helped to give my son a voice.  She also has bee there to answer any questions that arise for us along the way and is a wealth of knowledge in the area of speech therapy. 

Parent (subscriber of Kellie's youtube videos)

Words cannot express how grateful I am for your videos. Our 4.5 year old son has been in speech for over 2 years with no success. And I tried everything repeatedly at home with no luck. Our little guy watched your video on k&g a few times. Then during his bath a few nights ago, he did the K sound in isolation (three times in a row like you do in your video.). OMG, this was huge for him!  

Parent of a Child with Autism & Apraxia

Kellie is the best. When my son was four, she helped my son speak wiht the aid of PROMPT. She has fun with my son yet keeps him focused on the task at hand. Kellie lives remotely from us and when my son's speech regressed and his school SLP was unable to help my son, we drove 4 plus hours to have our son see Kellie. Both times she was able to help our son with the sounds he lost. I only wish we lived closer to her.  I highly recommend Kellie. She truly is the best SLP on every level.  

Parent (subscriber of Kellie's youtube videos)

I just want to thank you for your wonderful youtube videos. We found your videos and they are amazing. My son is 9 and the first time he ever made an /r/ sound that was recognizable was while watching your videos. They are now a part of our daily routine. I really can't thank you enough. I haven't ever felt this hopeful about his speech.

Teenager (subscriber of Kellie's youtube videos)

I have been using your videos daily for practice for just over a week.  My teacher can already see the difference. I used to speak with my mouth closed because I was afraid. My speech was blurred. Now I have the confidence to open my mouth and speak out.  My teacher was very happy that I am now pronouncing the ending consonants. I am very grateful for your videos. 

Parent of a child with a lisp

I just want to give a shout out to Kellie Henkel my boy's speech therapist. She fixed his speech in a month via FaceTime! I couldn't believe it! Thank you so much for a job well done. If any of you have a child that is having trouble pronouncing words properly, she is the right person to help!