What Colleagues have to say

Special Education Director (Sonoma County)

It is not an overstatement to say that Kellie is one of the best Speech Therapists I have had the pleasure of working with in my 30+ year career. Kellie provides exceptional service to special needs students ages 3-18. When serving our moderate severe special day classes, she has excellent group management skills and we always see progress in students she serves. She is adept at all Alternative & Augmentative Communication scores of speech apps used on the IPAD. 


Kellie is very dedicated to helping children and families. She strives to provide the highest level of services possible to the children and families she serves. Kellie is very skilled in her ability to assess children and relay that assessment to their families. She is a great communicator, both verbally and in writing, giving families the important information they need to decide the next steps to take to help their children learn and grow. 

Special Education Director (Santa Barbara County)

Kellie is a phenomenal Speech Therapist and has worked serving the moderate/severe special day classes. She uses a variety of Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems. Kellie possesses excellent technology and group management skills. Her passion for teaching children to communicate is prevalent in her daily interactions with her students. She provides extraordinary service to her students and excellent collaboration with parents and colleagues.   


Kellie has completely transformed the lives of some of my nonverbal students. They have learned how to form sentences to properly communicate. Our classroom has drastically changed, and we no longer have to play The Guessing Game of what our students need. Kellie has supplied our classroom with knowledge and appropriate means of communication. I cannot imagine running a class without the knowledge of Kellie, her expertise with these devices, and amazing presence in the classroom.  

SLP (subscriber of Kellie's youtube videos)

I am a speech language pathologist, too and am using some of your YouTube videos to assist my young students with home practice. One young boy said, " You tell me the same thing!" Somehow seeing your video has helped with increasing the home practice and  with parents having a better understanding of how to help their child. Thank you!  


Kellie is a very professional therapist and truly cares about her students. I love the quality of education the students have received and I love that Kellie has gone above and beyond in providing the students with the proper equipment they need in order to communicate effectively. When my student received her communication device, it made a world of difference in her academic and social behavior during school.